Our symbol represents perfect balance between feminine and masculine energy; our goal is for you to adopt this symbol as the new peace icon, to embrace the feminine and the Equal Rights Amendment. Our tagline, BE-ING EQUAL speaks to the quest for universal equality and peace, in a spiritual way that strives towards uplifting humanity. We encourage you to share our content and use our hashtag #BeingEqual whenever you are posting about sex inequality and women's rights issues!

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs may be, your culture has been shaped and informed by the Judeo-Christian tradition, which for 2,500 years has been teaching a creation story that blames Eve for all of the evils of the world. What if we were to rethink the creation story? What if we taught that Eve (and Pandora) were responsible for all the goodness, peace and love? What if Eve and Adam were peers and partners who respected and honored each other? Rethinking Eve mythology is just one way to challenge the status quo; we invite you to explore the many other avenues and share how YOU are making a difference!