1776 – Abigail Adams wrote to her husband “Remember the Ladies”

1848 – “Declaration of Sentiments” written at first Women’s Rights Convention

1868 - Women denied vote and equality in Reconstruction Amendments (13, 14, 15)

1920- Women get vote but not Constitutional Equality

1923 – Equal Rights Amendment first introduced into Congress

1940 – Republican party includes ERA in platform

1944 – Democratic party includes ERA in platform

1972 – ERA  passes with overwhelming support of Congress and moves to states for ratification of TEXT of ERA with added superfluous baggage and  unenforceable 7 year timeline in PREAMBLE  of Amendment

1977 – 35 of the needed 38 states ratified the ERA

1979 - President Carter and Congress overwhelmingly support ERA and work to expand time to ratify

1982 - Anti-equality movement under President Reagan works to derail ERA

1992- 27th Amendment on Congressional pay added to Constitution after 203 years

1994 - 3 State Strategy developed by grassroots activists

2009 - ERA Education Project formed to educate public

2016- film by Kamala Lopez “Equal Means Equal” released and used in unratified states to form committees

2017 – Nevada ratifies the ERA

2018 – Illinois ratifies the ERA

2020 - January 27th Virginia ratifies and the ERA is added to our Constitution

2020 - U.S. Archivist under President Trump and DOJ Attorney General Barr derail publication of an updated Constitution with ERA as 28th Amendment

2021 - January 20th President Biden refuses to instruct his Executive Branch employee the Federal Archivist to publish the ERA in Constitution

2022 - January 27th ERA becomes fully effective in all States

2023 - Both political parties continue to block publication in Constitution document giving the Supreme Court a clear lane to roll back Civil Rights

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