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The ERA answer to Antis

Why are you so afraid of all Americans being citizens of equal stature?

Why aren’t you asking:
How can I help strengthen Democracy?

Instead of trying to shoot arrows through its heart.

You think it is acceptable to trivialize 100 years of work by people who want a Democracy where the Government can no longer discriminate against half the population?

For 231 years amending the Constitution has been messy. Most amendments have legal issues.

The system functions so that when the people have spoken with the final state ratifying a Constitutional...


1776 – Abigail Adams wrote to her husband “Remember the Ladies”

1848 – “Declaration of Sentiments” written at first Women’s Rights Convention

1868 - Women denied vote and equality in Reconstruction Amendments (13, 14, 15)

1920- Women get vote but not Constitutional Equality

1923 – Equal Rights Amendment first introduced into Congress

1940 – Republican party includes ERA in platform

1944 – Democratic party includes ERA in platform

1972 – ERA  passes with overwhelming support of Congress and moves to states for ratification of TEXT of ERA with added superfluous baggage and ...

My Response to "50 Years Later, the zombie Equal Rights Amendment staggers on"

My Response to "50 Years Later, the zombie Equal Rights Amendment staggers on"

Our Democracy is under fire. The Washington Post took some pot shots. Why are men so frightened of women as equal citizens? Why isn't the question how can we help make a Democracy for all?  Here is my response